MPS Florimark

MPS-Florimark Trade, just as MPS-Florimark Production, is a certificate for top producers. This certificate is made up of a number of elements. To be MPS-Florimark Trade certified, you have received the following certification:

  • Florimark TraceCert: Certificate for traceability. This also fulfills the requirements of the ‘Fair Flowers, Fair Plants’ consumer label;
  • Florimark GTP: Quality management system with supplementary requirements for traceability, social and environmental standards.
  • ISO 9001:2008: Certificate in quality care and supply chain quality.

The benefits of MPS-Florimark Trade are:

  • Compliance with market demands for plant traceability, quality care and supply chain management.
  • Meeting tighter demands of retail organisations and retail traders.
  • Florimark TraceCert is suitable for the ‘Fair Flowers Fair Plants’ consumer label (FFP).
  • Compliments MPS-Florimark Production, the producers’ certificate.
  • Combined audit for the three certificates, with overall lower audit costs.
  • Increased sales opportunities with MPS-Florimark Trade.
  • Tightening of business processes yields business and financial advantages.
  • Improvement business management standards.

By using the special MPS-Florimark Trade logo on your printed material, website etc. you show that you belong to the select group of TOP producers with a TOP product.

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