Stichting Nederlandse Algemene Kwaliteitsdienst Tuinbouw (Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture) is better known as Naktuinbouw. Naktuinbouw promotes and monitors the quality of produce, processes and chains in horticulture. The main focus is on propagating material, of national and international origin. Naktuinbouw is an Autonomous Public Authority (APA) regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In the obligatory inspection system, Naktuinbouw applies the prescribed European directives and legislation for propagating material for floricultural, arboricultural and vegetable crops. These directives are anchored in Dutch legislation in the form of the Netherlands Seeds and Planting Material Act. Naktuinbouw is an independent and unbiased party. Public duties relating to basic inspections that are the responsibility of other quality and/or inspection services (national and international) are not performed or only performed on a cooperative basis.

Naktuinbouw is the only organisation in the Netherlands authorised to assess varieties of floricultural, arboricultural and vegetable crops for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS testing) for registration purposes and/or granting Plant Breeders' Rights.

Naktuinbouw also has a series of voluntary quality inspections. These systems complement the statutory inspections or place more stringent demands than the legislative directives. One of the areas in which this applies is, for instance, determining the quality of propagating material and testing for varietal identity and varietal purity. This testing is carried out for producers of propagating material, either individual companies or groups of producers.

Naktuinbouw also focuses on promoting quality (partially via a system of quality brands) and certain specialisms. This concerns national and international companies from the entire horticultural chain.

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