Like all Dutch plant exporters, we made major changes to the way we work, with our UK customers, to reflect the UK’s exit for the EU single market.

Boot & Dart have been doing business in the UK for over 40 years, predating the EU single market and have a long-standing loyal customer base that we will continue serving.

We now offer a near seamless 4 way working relationship, which means that you as the importer has minimal involvement in the additional layers of bureaucracy.

Providing we are authorised, we will share all information directly between all parties, these are you the customer, us the nursery stock supplier, our preferred Customs Agent and our long standing and excellent haulage contractor.


Our post-Brexit business check list :

  • Apply to the UK Revenue and Customs for an EORI number.
  • Engage our preferred partner Customs Agent who can do all the Customs and Security documentation, cost about 65 pounds
  • Apply for a duty deferment account the Customs Agent can assist with this.
  • Apply to DEFRA for registration on their PEACH system.
  • Engage our preferred Customs Agent to do the PEACH declaration on your behalf using your DEFRA login details, cost typically 35pounds
  • Register with DEFRA for each delivery a Place of Destinationin the UK ( this could be your main nursery or a site ).
  • Boot & Dart will arrange all the statutory pre-loading plant health inspections and certification with the Naktuinbouw Dutch inspectorate, cost 95pounds


For further assistance and an introduction to our customs agent, please contact your representative.