Product Range

Our product range includes:

Shrubs are supplied pot grown, root balled, or bare root. Included is ground cover shrubs for effective low maintenance mass planting

Specimen Shrubs and Conifers
These are increasingly popular, for higher specification projects. They can work effectively when under planted with ground cover shrubs.

Standard to Semi-Mature Trees
Boot & Dart. produce a wide range of trees to 30-35 cm girth, transplanted up to four times and supplied either bare root or with a wire rootball. We can also supply a lesser range of container trees, which facilitate planting outside the normal season.

Transplants and Bareroot Hedging
These plants are ideal for large-scale, cost sensitive projects including woodland establishment. They are propagated from seed or hardwood cuttings.

Boot & Dart. breed and grow an excellent range of ‘Landscape Roses’ which provide a long season of colourful flowering on compact healthy bushes. We also supply an extensive range of specie, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Shrub, Historic, and Austin Roses

The use of perennials in amenity planting, is becoming increasingly popular. Our specially selected Fleur Robuste Perennials are sturdy and free-flowering some are evergreen. We offer over 2000 varietes of Perennials, Grasses and Ferns.

Rhododendrons, Conifers, Topiary, Climbers, Top Fruit and Soft Fruit
To complete our vast range of Hardy Nursery Stock Boot & Dart. offer a good range of the above.