‘Innovators in hardy nursery stock’. Boot & Dart. supply a vast product range including, shrubs, specimens, trees to semi-mature sizes, transplants, hedging, roses, perennials, Rhododendrons, conifers, topiary, climbers, fruit and nuts. From our own production, and that of our extensive supplier network.

The peaty soil of our Boskoop nursery, is ideal for the field growing shrubs, roses and conifers. The humus rich sandy soil in our Zundert fields, develop fine fibrous roots, on trees and hedging stock; ensuring excellent re-establishment.

Boot & Dart. cover a total of 150 hectares; making us one of the largest nurseries, in the Netherlands. Motivated and trained nursery staff produce a high quality product. We grow using sustainable production methods.

Tight control over the production, ordering and dispatch processes, enable us to deliver in complete orders at short notice, whist maintaining a high quality.